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Philosophy 2010

This is for anyone applying to Philosophy graduate programs during the 2009-2010 academic year. Please share acceptances, rejections, wait-list notifications, and so on.

Best of luck to everyone applying!
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Which do you think is a better MA program? SFSU or CSULA California?

Neither offer much funding, so I suppose I am going on placement alone?
You are wrong to go on placement alone. For one, both offer exceptional course offerings but in the end I chose SFSU because I like the area, the courses are very unorthodox and interesting, and traffic, though bad, is not nearly as painful as LA. The air is cleaner. I could go on. Ultimately it was a perfect match for me academically and beyond. I've spoke with the secretary at CSULA and it sounds like a fun, enriching program also.

You should really focus on comparing the courses they offer. If CSULA offers more courses you are interested in, go with them. I will say that SFSU and CSULA are both rated highly on the PGR, so if you go to either program and do exceptionally well you will be a viable applicant for any Ph.D program I suspect (though I know that process depends on so much).

If you end up going to SFSU, maybe you will see me in the Fall. You need to consider your options all-encompassing and weigh in all pros and cons.
Yea, you're right. I have decided SFSU will be a better fit course-wise.

I will look forward to seeing you this Fall then!
This is the person who originally responded to you. if you feel like messaging me.

Glad you're where you feel fits you.
Anybody else here lurking who is planning to apply in the next year or two? I'm a sophomore at a small liberal arts school now and it seems almost as though I should start planning now so as to be prepared for the admissions season frenzy my senior year.

Chill. Drink a lot. Have fun. Enjoy the last years of fun in your life. the rest of the way is downhill.

Then go for an MA, get some research done, and get into a good PhD program.

This is exactly what I did, by the way.
No, don't go for an MA.
How rare are instances of students coming straight out of undergrad gaining admission to top departments?
not rare
Yes, although I've already graduated (and in linguistics). My adviser told me only crazy people apply to grad school straight out of undergrad, and for better or worse, I'm taking a couple years off. Seems like I'm going to need them to improve my app anyway.
That's exactly right. You should go to a PhD only if you cannot imagine doing anything else. However, undergrads generally do not have the requisite experience to make an informed choice; of course they cannot imagine doing anything else!
What if I'm pretty sure? I'm very interested in contemporary issues. I'd want to study them for a living.
I don't think that's really the issue. I knew that too (well, idk about 'contemporary', but I'll interpret your point broadly), as did my adviser when he was an undergrad. It's more about having the perspective to realistically deal with issues like this (, about having a life, about whether 'interest' is enough if you can't make a living doing what you want. For me at least, it's more than interest or knowing that I can't do anything else, and yet I still need time to figure out how to approach it and make the best choices for myself.
Any other NYU rejects get an email about this?
Got one today. Not taking it.
Got one today. Not taking it. Wondering how many people applied NYU's MA.
I got it. So did my boyfriend. I think they sent it to all the rejects. I don't think these general humanities MA programs are respected in academic philosophy programs.


April 29 2010, 18:53:24 UTC 6 years ago

University of Wyoming
Washington State-U of Idaho joint MA program
Colorado State


April 29 2010, 18:54:07 UTC 6 years ago

This was supposed to be in the funded MA program thread. Sorry!

join dropbox


May 4 2010, 04:07:11 UTC 6 years ago
Interests: ethics, aesthetics, language, Continental
UG: small, unranked liberal arts college
Overall GPA: 3.7 major (philosophy) GPA: 3.97
GRE: 610V 570Q 5.0AW
Accepted: NIU, VT
Waitlisted (and ultimately rejected): Maryland
Rejected: Columbia, UNC, Rice, Minnesota, UPenn, UT Austin

I'll be attending a funded MA at Tech next fall.
UGPA: 3.5
GRE: 700V, 650Q, 6.0AW
Interests in: Political Philosophy, Metaphysics.

Applying to:

Georgia State
Brandeis I have good chances?


October 16 2010, 20:20:03 UTC 6 years ago


3.9 GPA (4.0 in all upper year philosophy courses)
1310 GRE (680 Verbal 630 Quant- should I retake this?. Waiting to hear back on writing sample)
Coming from a top Canadian school
Have been taking graduate courses since third year. Currently in fourth year, TAing a third year course. Involved as a research assistant in a book that is being published through a major press.

Reference letters are decently well known. Hoping to do something in moral phil- value theory, moral psych etc. Secondary interests in practical ethics.

Thoughts on where I can strengthen this?
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